Dedicated UK store informations

Would you like to have something delivered to the United Kingdom* ?

Following Brexit, the purchase of products from the European Union to be delivered to the United Kingdom are subject to tax charges (import and VAT). For products that have already been imported into the European Union, the surcharge for the end customer is doubled, with no additional benefit for the seller.

To overcome this situation, we have created a store dedicated to our customers in the United Kingdom* :

The products available on this site are stored on European soil, but in a special ‘Under Customs’ zone. This means the customer does not have to pay import tax if the goods are shipped outside the European Union.

The products on this new website are charged directly in GBP to avoid fluctuations in the exchange rate. On each product the VAT is included, as are the import charges to the United Kingdom* as well as administrative costs. You will therefore have no additional charge to pay upon receipt of the product.

Can't find what you're looking for on our UK store* ?

You can still have a look at our European site in English:

This site lists all the products already imported into the European Union. If you order something from here you will pay the price of the product excluding VAT. But please note, you may have additional customs/import charges to pay on delivery of your product if the amount is greater than £135.

Please do not hesitate to contact our teams for more information.

* Northern Ireland excluded